Dishwasher Buying Guide: Factors to be considered before buying

In cities, getting a domestic helper is such a task. Even if you get one it is strenuous to handle them and their tantrums. Though Dishwashers have helped us lot in lifting load of household chores, there is on more task which needs lots of your time and that is cleaning utensils. Family members lend their hands in doing other things but are usually reluctant to cleaning utensils. As said earlier, it is a time consuming task we don’t feel like doing it. In this situation, buying a good dishwasher can be a solution for your problem.

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Once dishwashers were considered as a luxury but nowadays it has become a must buy appliance especially in bigger families. Like washing machines, vacuum cleaners dishwasher is becoming an integral part of our kitchen. It is automatic appliance which cleans utensils thoroughly using hot water sprays, inbuilt cleaners etc. They not only just clean vessels but remove stains and smells which otherwise take lots of efforts in cleaning manually.

Types of Dishwasher

There are mainly three types of dishwashers. They are Portable, Counter top and another is Built in.

  • Portable dishwashers are compact and portable. They are useful for small families and families living in a rented house. They can be easily packed and moved wherever you want.
  • Counter top dishwashers are mainly designed for catering the need of nuclear families. They are pocket friendly and economic.
  • Built in dishwashers are more expensive and extensive type of appliance. They are fitted under your kitchen counter. They give modern look to your kitchen and save place.

Though this appliance is little expensive but it is worth as it saves lot of our energy and time. There are many options available in market for buying a dishwasher but you should know about certain parameters before buying one for you.

Factors to be considered before buying a Dishwasher


The capacity of a dishwasher means how many utensils does it hold. There are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 settings dishwasher available. 6 settings means you can load 6 sets of plates, spoons, forks, bowls etc at a time. Depending upon your family type you can choose the best one for you.

Wash Cycle & Wash Programs

Like washing machines, in dishwasher also you can select the time required for cleaning and suitable program like light wash, heavy wash, regular wash etc. Depending upon how dirty your vessels are you can set up time of completion of cycle as well as type of program.


Dishwashers have in built heater inside them as vessels are washed in hot water for removing oily, greasy stains. If the water is heated more then consumption of electricity is also more. It is better to choose a appliance having more energy saving stars. We would advise opting for three stared model.

Auto Restart & Delay Wash

A dishwasher should resume from where it was stopped. Means it should have auto restart function in case of power failures. Delay wash program is useful if you get water supply at a perticular time.


Dishwashers can be made up of either plastic or stainless steel interior tub. Stainless steel tub is durable, rust free, can withstand high temperature as hot water is used for washing vessels. Stainless steel gives organised and stylish look to your kitchen but it is expensive than plastic model. Plastic dishwasher are comparatively cheaper and it is easier to clean water stains on them.


Price of dishwasher depends on mainly its capacity and tub material as well as function like glass cleaning. So, choose the one according to your need.

But many queries arise in our mind before buying a dishwasher. We have tried to answer them.


Is dishwasher suitable for Indian households?

Yes, nowadays dishwashers have become must have appliance in Indian household, many companies have developed models suitable for Indian kitchen which have slots for big vessels like Patilas, Saucepan, Tawa, Kadhai etc.

Can vessels like Tawa and Khadhai cleaned in Dishwasher?

As said earlier, many modela are available in the market which can even wash tawa and kadhai nicely.

Is there need of rinsing utensils before loading in a Dishwasher?

Actually there is no such need. But it is advised to scrape off leftovers properly if the vessels are heavily greased.

Does it remove heavy stains of oil and spices?

Again the answer is yes. As hot water is used for washing vessels heavy stains of oil and smell of spices can easily removed in a dishwasher.

Does a Dishwasher use more electricity and water than usual?

A Dishwasher uses approximately 1 kilowatt of electricity and 10 litre water per wash which is much less than manual cleaning.

What is the cost of Dishwasher?

The cost of the dishwasher depends upon the brand, model and the settings you want. But vaguely you can say, it starts from 30,000 rupees.

Where can you buy a Dishwasher?

In India, market is continuously growing. So now a days you can buy the appliance at the large electronics showroom. You can even buy it online on e-commerce websites.

What kind of water can be used in Dishwasher?

Soft water is more suitable and preferred. You can use hard water too but it increases the consumption of salt in the appliance as the hard water is need to be softened.

How much time does Dishwasher take to complete one cycle?

Actually this depends upon the brand and model you are choosing as well the settings you are going for. But for smaller cycle it takes approximately 30 minutes and for larger load and cycle it may take 2.5 to 3 hours.

Utensils made of which material can be washed in a Dishwasher?

Utensils made of materials like aluminium, copper, stainless steel, silver, iron, plastic, ceramic, glass, non stick material can be easily cleaned using the appliance.

Which kind of utensils should be avoided in the Dishwasher?

Utensils made of wood, non heat resistant plastic/ceramic and decorative glassware etc.

So this was all about dishwashers. Hope this article helps you buying a suitable model for you.

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