Hair Dryer Shopping Guide | Everything You Should Know About Hair Dryers!

Various gadgets make our life easier. Nowadays time is considered more important than any other thing. Gadgets help us to save time and use it for other things. Now you may be wondering what exactly we are talking about. So here in this article, we will learn about the one thing that is used almost every day by men, women at home and even in the beauty parlors, saloons, and spas. Yes, we are talking about a hair dryer. If you are looking forward to buying one for yourself, then this article will definitely help you choose the right one.

Hair Dryer Shopping Guide

Normally hair dryers are chosen in a hurry burry since we don’t have an exact idea which points should be taken into consideration. To be precise, there are seven parameters which are helpful on zeroing on the brand suitable for you and your needs.

Cord Length

We all know that hair dryers are connected to electric points. Imagine you have connected your dryer to a point you want to take to your dressing table, which is a little distance from the electric point. If the cord is not enough for it, you have to use either an extension cable or stand near the electric point only. To avoid this situation, I mean dancing around the plug point; while buying a hair dryer, pay little more attention to the cord length of the hair dryer. It should be at least six to seven feet.


Next point that should be checked is the gadget’s weight. If it is too heavy, it will be uncomfortable for handling. If the weight is less, you can easily move it in the required direction.

Foldable Handle

Foldable handle makes the hair dryer portable and easy to carry while travelling. Use the hair dryer, fold its handle and keep it in your bag. It’s as simple as that. No worry about the damage to the thing.


The most important thing about hair dryer is it’s power. Power is measured in watts. The more wattage, the more powerful dryer is. It means a dryer with high wattage will generate more heat and dry your hair faster. The wattage of a dryer should be chosen according to your hair length and type. Usually, a dryer with 1000 to 1800 watt power is suitable for most hair types. But if you are one of the lucky people who have very thick hair, go for a dryer of 1600 to 1800 watts. But your hair is thin and straight, then a dryer of 1000 to 1200 will be good for you.

Adjustable Heat Settings

One should not regularly use a dryer with very hot air blow since it damages hair very badly. If you have a dryer with adjustable heat and air blow settings, this will not happen. For drying up thick and curly hair, you may need more heat. Otherwise, you will be able to adjust the blow of hot air with your hair dryer. Once your hair is dried, you can reduce the airflow in such dryers.

Auto Shut Off

The good hair dryer has the feature of auto shut off. Every time you place your dryer down on the surface, it should automatically go off. This feature can be considered a safety feature because leaving the hair dryer without putting it off even for a moment will be really harmful, especially if you have kids around. So while buying a good quality hair dryer, check out if it has this auto shut off feature.

Cool Air Blow

Once your hair is dry, you don’t need a hot air blow. If you use the dryer in the cool air setting, it protects your hair from damage and improves the shine and strength of your locks.

So, these were some important tips about buying a suitable, good quality hair dryer. Just keep these things in your mind while buying the one for you.

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