Water Geyser vs Immersion Rods which is better for you?

It’s a monsoon. When it’s pouring out, bathing with hot water is just bliss. Though there are solar water heaters everywhere in the monsoon they are of no use as we hardly get sunlight during the season. So in this situation you are not left with the choice of buying either an electric water geyser or an immersion rod. It is really confusing to choose between the electric water heater and an immersion rod as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article we are going to discuss the exact thing.

Water Geyser or Immersion Rods

Geyser vs Immersion rod.

Electric geyser and immersion rods can be compared on the given parameters.


Immersion rods are much cheaper than electric geysers. The price range of the immersion rod is between Rs. 300 to 600. Whereas electric geyser is an expensive thing whose price starts from Rs. 3000 and so on.


If you are living in a rental or on PG then an immersion rod can be more useful as it is portable. After the use you can just roll the cord and keep it anywhere. But electric geysers are not portable as it is fixed in the bathroom.

Heating time

Time required for heating water

If you are a science person then you may have understood the point. In the electric geyser water is heated in a closed container. So there is no loss of heat due to convection or radiation. As a result water is heated rapidly. But in case of an immersion rod, the rod is dipped into a bucket without covering. As the water is heated, the heat is exchanged with cool surroundings hence losing part of it. So it takes more time to heat the water with an immersion rod compared to an electric geyser.

Quantity of hot water

In an electric geyser you can heat as much water as you want but with an immersion rod it’s not possible. Because the rod is dipped into a bucket full of water. So you get only one bucket of hot water at a time. With electric geysers you can get up to 25 litres of hot water depending upon the model of the geyser.

Auto off System

Sometimes it just skips from our mind that we have put the water for heating either in an electric geyser or in an immersion rod. In an immersion rod if we forget to put it off, electricity continues to lose as the auto off system is not available in an immersion rod. But electric geysers have an auto off system. So even though you don’t put the switch off and if the temperature of water reaches some particular point, the geyser is turned off automatically.

There are some immersion rods with the thermostat in which electricity is cut off after reaching a particular temperature. They are a little expensive. You have to ask for such models particularly.


In electric geysers you just have to turn on the button and water starts heating automatically. In an immersion rod you have to set up a bucket full of water, immerse the immersion rod in it and plug in.
So using the immersion rod is not so convenient.

Temperature of hot water

Nowadays there are some models of electric geysers in which you can set the temperature of water using a knob, remote control or even using a mobile app. But this is not possible with an immersion rod. You have to check the temperature every time manually.

Power Consumption

Immersion rods take more time for heating water hence use more electricity. Whereas electric geysers are closed container type so as discussed above less time is required for heating water. Obviously less electricity is consumed. So electric geysers are more power efficient than immersion rods.


Immersion rods hardly require any repairs or maintenance. If some problem occurs in a electric geysers you need a professional electrician for its repairing. Parts of electric geysers may be costly. Means electric geysers need some maintenance and are a bit expensive on this scale.


You have to be very careful while using an Immersion rod. Immersion rods are not safe if you have children at home. Because children may dip their hand in the bucket while the rod is on which is very dangerous.

Normally we heat the water in a bathroom which may be wet, again there is a high risk of electrocution.

With the continuous usage, the insulating coating of the immersion rod wears off. So there are great chances of getting electric shock. So in a nutshell, immersion rods are not at all safe for a big family or family with children, elder people. Electric geysers are very safe even children can use them easily. There is no chance of getting electric shock. If you have set it up with the help of a professional electrician it won’t give you any trouble for years.

So in this article we have discussed ten parameters which would help you to choose the correct gadget for your household. But if you ask us, buying a electric geyser would be a wise decision. Though it is a little expensive, our life, time and other resources are more expensive than it.

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