Manual Ignition Vs. Auto Ignition Gas Stove: Which is better for you?

A gas stove is the most essential thing in a household. I think there is no substitute for it. Well, sometimes you can use an induction cook top, microwave etc as a substitute but not for a long time. A good cook, a lady in the house, is always in search of the latest model of a gas stove. There are so many beautiful models of gas stoves available in the market which provide many features making the cooking easier and less time consuming. There are many categories of gas stoves depending upon the material used, number of burners etc. But there is one more category that is auto ignition gas stove and manual gas stove. Let’s see detailed information about both.

Manual Ignition Vs Auto Ignition Gas Stove

What is a Manual Gas Stove ?

A manual gas stove is a conventional stove which is very simple to use, easy to operate. In a manual gas stove a lighter, a matchstick or a pilot flame is needed for ignition. In this gas stove you have to open the knob of a stove, allow the gas pass through burner pipes and ignite it manually. Manual gas stoves are very common in the Indian household as well as in the Indian food industry.

What is an Auto Ignition Gas Stove?

As the name suggests, in this gas stove you don’t have to use a lighter, a matchstick or a pilot flame. All you have to do is just turn the knob and stove is ignited. Auto ignition gas stoves have two types – battery powered ignition systems and in-built ignition mechanism (battery less).
A battery powered ignition gas stove requires a battery for its operation. On the other hand a battery-less model has an integrated auto ignition mechanism.

Difference between Manual Gas Stove and Auto Ignition Gas Stove

1. Fuel efficiency – In manual gas stoves there is wastage of a certain amount of gas as we take a few seconds to ignite the burner after turning on the gas flow.

In an auto ignition gas stove as soon as you turn on the knob the burner is ignited in no time so there is no loss of fuel.

2. Easy to use – Auto ignition gas stoves are much easier to use as they require just turning on and off the knobs. Even an amateur person can ignite the stove easily.

In the case of a manual gas stove, there is a need to ignite it properly. You have to always make sure that a matchstick, a lighter is handy. And within no time the burner should be ignited if not there is a possibility of mishap.

3. Maintenance – Manual gas stoves hardly require any additional maintenance.

Auto ignition gas stoves demand additional maintenance. They need periodic repairs such as changing batteries, replacing electronic circuits, changing knobs and buttons etc.

While cleaning the auto ignition stoves you have to be careful otherwise the electric ignition system will be damaged.
Manual gas stoves don’t have any electronic parts so there is no risk in washing them with water.

4. Cost – Auto ignition gas stoves provide many features, latest technology is used in them. So obviously they are expensive.

Manual gas stoves are way too cheap than their electric counterparts.

5. Safety – Auto ignition gas stoves come with safety features such as child lock, auto shut off etc. A child lock prevents accidental ignition by children. The auto shut off system automatically detects if there is a cookware on the burner and if not turns off stove automatically.

6. Installation – Installation of auto ignition gas stoves is bit fussy. Proper pipe and knob installation is needed. If something goes wrong then there is a possibility of a mishap.

On the other hand, installation or replacement of a cylinder in a manual gas stove is very easy. With little practice anyone can do it within minutes.

Benefits of Auto Ignition Gas Stoves

The benefits of auto ignition gas stoves are as follows.

  1. The first benefit of the auto ignition gas stove is it is very simple to use than conventional gas stoves. For igniting them you have to just turn on the knob, no any other manipulation is needed.
  2. Auto ignition gas stoves have some safety features which make them safe to use. There is no mishap while using auto ignition gas stoves.
  3. Auto ignition gas stoves are more power efficient.

Benefits of Manual Gas Stoves

Benefits of manual gas stoves are listed below.

  1. Manual gas stoves are very economical. Anyone can afford buying them.
  2. It is easy to clean a manual gas stove. You can even wash them with water without any damage.
  3. The maintenance cost of a manual gas stove is almost zero. Even if there is a need to fix some parts as they are cheap it’s pocket friendly to fix them.

So, in this article we have tried to provide as much as possible information about the difference, advantages and limitations of Auto ignition gas stoves and manual gas stoves. Choose the one which is suitable for your needs.

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