Air Fryer Guide and Tips | Everything You Should Know About Air Fryer!

While binge watching the favorite Netflix series have you ever craved for potato chips and a mug of coffee? Well, everyone does. But if you are diet conscious then probably you may skip the plan of chips and compromise just on coffee. Because deep fried things like potato chips, samosas, cutlet etc would add tons of calories in your body. So obviously very few of us will have such items even though you’re really dying to have it. But folks you don’t have to worry about calories, diet and all if you have a wonder appliance called ‘air fryer’ on your kitchen counter.

So, in this article we are going to guide you about Air fryer, reasons for buying, parameters to be considered while buying one etc.

Air Fryer Guide and Tips

What is an air fryer?

Well, the name itself suggests meaning of the term. Air fryer is the kitchen appliance which uses hot air for frying, grilling and baking food items. This appliance circulates hot air around the food to be fried, cooked, baked or grilled. And the best thing is that only few drops of oil is used for frying. It means you can fry food item without submerging them into lots of oil. Such a healthy option, isn’t it? If you want to fry samosa, just apply little oil with a brush on your samosa, put it into the basket of air fryer and within few minutes your samosa is ready.

Why to buy an Air fryer?

There are many reasons which make this appliance must buy but the most important one is it gives a healthy option for deep fried food. As said earlier very less oil is used for processes like frying, cooking, baking, roasting etc your calorie intake is very very less. Another reason is time required for cooking is less. Next is even using less oil you can have crispy food items. Food is cooked evenly as hot air is circulated evenly around the food. The next reason is safety actually. There is no popping up or oil exploding while frying so it is safe to use.

Types of Air Fryers

There are basically two types of air fryers, Basket air fryer and oven air fryer.
If you have nuclear family of 2-4 members basket air fryer is suitable for you. If you have regular visitors or more family members then you can opt for oven air fryer. Wait, it doesn’t mean that for a large family basket air fryer is not good, just choose the fryer of more capacity that’s all.

Guidelines for buying an Air Fryer

There are few things which should be kept in mind while buying an air fryer. Here we are going to talk about basket air fryer.


Capacity of air fryer is measured in litres. Smaller units are of capacity of 1 litre to 2 litres. They are sufficient for smaller families. If you have big family like of 6-7 members then fryer of 6 litre should be sufficient. Vaguely you can say, a litre per person should be sufficient.


Normally an air fryer uses 800 – 1500 watts which our kitchen outlet supports. More wattage means more heat is generated so the food is cooked earlier. Air fryers of more than 1800 wattage are also available in market.

Consumption of electricity

Air fryers consume very less electricity. If you use an fryer of 1500 watt for 15 mins, it will consume nearly half unit of electricity. Usually 15 mins are sufficient for cooking in air fryer.

Temperature control

Ideally an air fryer should have temperature regulator so that we can control the temperature while cooking. Some items can be cooked at lower temperature while some items like baked goods or food having batter coating, frozen food need more temperature. So it is better to have temperature control in the appliance. Air fryers should have light indicators and timer for setting up and indicating required time and temperature.

Safety Measures

As this appliance is used daily we must think about safety measures provided in it. The basket lid should have good locking system. The appliance should have non slippery base and it’s body, hand grips should be well insulated.

As we always say, gadgets and appliances make our life easier if they are chosen properly. Hope this article help you in buying perfect air fryer for your family.

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